Stop Offensive Workplace Behaviours Quickly
 Without Wondering if you have the right words 

Tammy Dunnett, coverpage, Becoming the Leader In Your LIfe, Dealing with Bad Days and Bullies Download
When you don't know what to say, use these scripted responses to stop offensive behaviors without risking your reputation or career

Shut Down Offensive Behaviors Quickly
Quickly and efficiently shut down harmful behaviors before they create tension in your relationship and learn how to safely start difficult conversations to lead resolution with these made-for-you tools
  • Improved Awareness of the top ten most offensive behaviors to avoid and address 
  • Achieve Success Faster with our scripted responses rooted in research and proven in practice
  • Boost Confidence with resources that are designed to give you the advantage 
Feel more Confident with this Simple 3 Phase Approach to Uncomfortable Conversations
Dial into your intuition and trust and implement a simple 3 step process designed to help you move out of stuck and towards connection. 
  • Setting Intention and how to move from having "the thought" towards intentional focused action
  • Starting the Conversation with evidence-based strategies designed to reduce the risk for negative emotional interactions
  • Reflect On Action to Get Better results 
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