Learn How to Speak Up 
Without Causing an Argument

  • Confidently handle difficult conversations and keep your relationships intact
  • Learn how to create a positive workplace you enjoy going to (no more sitting in the car crying every morning!)
  • Feel safer, sleep better, and have more energy for life - both inside & outside of work

Why "not talking about it" is hurting your relationships

Reason #1

 Your body will deceive you and do the talking on your behalf

When you show up tense, upset, or angry, 
your body shows the signs and it can cause increasing tension in the relationship.

This can also create a situation where you feel even more disrespected when "they just don't pick up on the hints"

Reason #2

If they do notice something is up, they get to make the assumptions around what the problem is related to

... but they will likely get it wrong, and this will lead to bigger issues as you are accused of believing, thinking and behaving in a particular way;

and even if they guess it correctly, they may not be interested in fixing it because they see you can't speak up, so they take a free pass and will offend again

Reason #3

The longer you wait to speak up and address the issue, the bigger the problem becomes for you.

Your continue to feel upset and the other person seems to be oblivious to the issue - because they don't know the problem.

This can cause emotional and psychological fatigue

Reason #4

If you wait too long to speak up, the problem will get so big that solving it quickly will be difficult because it is more likely to result in a bigger fight.

This is because you have held it in for so long and the other person will be hearing it for the first time and can feel blind sided by the intensity of the topic.

Reason #5

Most importantly, pretending an issue does not exist or avoiding the person limits your potential. It dims your light and keeps you hostage to a place and a way of living that does not support you or nurture you.

You deserve better

Use your voice and speak up to honor your values, your needs, your vision for a better relationship

You don't have to feel alone anymore

Trade "stressed out and anxious" for "supported and backed up"

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